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October 2015

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I am mesmerized by this. No....really I am.

You are fantastic Cory but.....the boy on the right, JESUS FUCK.

Between the perfect round bum, the hips that move like sex, and the fingers crawling over his junk... JFC. Chris? Why do you have to be so young and into boys? Why?

Bet you want to see what I'm on about? Kay. I give you, Chris Colfer. Groping himself. Damn. Just. Damn.


Oh and that ecstasy face.  Does he even know what he's doing there? How he looks? How much fapping he induced? 

.....I really have to tear my eyes away from this gif. Srsly. lol



And if Finn was looking in his direction, he'd have to be all like "Mailman, mailman, MAILMAN!!!!!!!!"
Which would be quickly followed by "JIZZ. IN. MY. PANTS."

I want Kinn and I want it now. Just do it Glee. You planted the damn seeds. You keep dangling it in front of us. Just do it. It wold make sense, be fitting and MAKE SENSE! We have a nice plausible theory if you want it :D
♦ The jocks call him bisexual on a daily basis
♦ His "coming out"
♦ He was basically singing at to Kurt. And has done so on numerous other occasions.
♦ He just acts badly because he's pissed Kurt's so open about himself and he's jealous.
♦ He's not really into Rachel's boobs because they're GIRL boobs.
♦ Yes I totally just made a point system about it. WANNA FIGHT ABOUT IT, MURPHY?
~ The F***y lamp/blanket episode was not because he is grossed out by Kurt being gay but actually intimidated that Kurt came out is comfortable with himself while Finn is scared and acted out out of fear and resentment that Kurt's not scared of being himself but he is. (hope that made sense. It's late lol)

~When called bisexual by Azimio and Karofsky, Finn never denies it.

~ And this last one is a theory that I came up with....

In the premier, Finn was, well, de-Finned. Everything that made him him and was normal and comfortable to him was taken away. He no longer had his status. Kurt made a point to tell Finn this. That he's no longer what everyone wants. What does Finn do? Desperately go about making things the way they were. And what was one of those things?

KURT CRUSHING ON HIM. WANTING HIM. Finn wants all the things he lost back. Kurt being in love with him was one of the things that started to fall away when Finn's status was brought down. Recall Kurt in the premiere telling him he's not the be all/end all anymore.

Case and point.
Fuck you Rachel,

Ha! I don't really ship them but you have good arguments there XD
lol, thanks :P
Aaaaaaaaaaaaand I love having you in my flist. Jesus his hips... I feel like Santana right now. "Seriously, you can drill me anytime".

*Smiles forever*
*sits you down and stand in front of you* Breathe woman just breathe lol
I'm so with you and the same goes for johnathan for me why do they have to be into boys :(

but im still a puckurt girl ::D

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This is amazing, I don’t know what else to say. Perfect execution of a cool idea!